5 Advanced Viral Blogging Tips for Beginners

Writing a blog that actually engages people is an art. A blog is not just supposed to give the reader information, but should entertain them because everything on the internet these days is about entertainment.

The social media is buzzing with blog posts and funny videos which people share due to the entertaining content. For new bloggers, it can be a little difficult grasping the concepts of what is to be done to make a good enough blog posts.

For beginners, here are 5 advanced tips that they can easily used to write engaging content:

1. Have A Conversation

The best bloggers know how to write like they talk. Since the invention of instant messaging, people have become accustomed to reading conversations when they cannot have them. Bloggers picked u0p on this and have devised a writing style that allows readers to feel like they are listening to someone rather than reading something.

Write your blog like you are having a conversation, it is number on the top 12 viral blogging tips.

2. Make It Look Good

A good blogger must write well, but another important aspect often overlooked is making your blog look good. A good looking blog allows a person to stay on it for longer. Reading itself is a mundane task which is why it one must make sure that the person who is reading their writing is comfortable. This means good color schemes, a well designed page and good formatting.

3. Fake It

Even when you think you don’t know a lot about something, research and make yourself seem more confident of what you are writing. This does not mean you write lies, it simply means that you research well enough to say that you know enough to write on this subject.

Confidence in writing is what keeps readers interested in the content. Be sure to use words like “does” and “will” instead of “could” and “would.”

3. Use Keywords Wisely

Keywords are essential for successful content marketing but using too many of them can be disastrous. A 500 word blog should comprise of the keyword twice and used subtly so that the reader does not feel like the keyword is being pushed in their face. Keywords are what get readers to your written content, but they can also be the reason that drives them away. The top 12 viral blogging tips warn against stuffing of too many keywords to bring blogs up in searches.

4. Respond To Readers

One of the best ways to keep your readers looking for more content from you is by engaging them and answering their queries and questions. Take their criticism positively and reply with a smile. Thank them for their appreciation and promise more good content in the future.

5. Be Different

This is very important. People like to read things that are new and something that they are unfamiliar with. Choose a topic that is not being covered by anyone else, or give it a better much more catchy title. Your writing style should also be true to yourself. Copying someone else’s style may be good when you are getting started, but build your own way of going about things.



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