5 Best Fun Facebook Games To Fill Your Boredom

Do you feel bored reading your friend’s boring status updates? Don’t worry, there are many games on Facebook that you can enjoy. These games will help you to fill your boredom and make your life happy again. At least, you can smile often when you have fun playing these games. Here are 5 best fun Facebook games to fill your boredom:

1. Bubble Witch Saga

Well, it’s just another bubble-popping game. However, this game has its own unique style. If you enjoy shooting bubbles with matching colors, then you’ll enjoy this game. More than a hundred levels are available for you to play. So, you’ll will be able to have fun playing this game for hours, days, or even months. But, be careful. The level will get more difficult very quickly, and you have to really spend your concentration in order to defeat each and every level in this game.

2. Angry Birds Star Wars

As the title says, this game is a combination of Angry Birds and Star Wars. Yes, you’ll be playing a usual Angry Bird games, but the characters will be based on Star Wars. If you love Star Wars so much, then this game is worth playing. With the leaderboard system, you’ll be able to compete with your friends and show them that you’re the best. Also, you’ll keep going back to this game from time to time just to beat the weekly challenge that will keep you busy with this game.

3. Tetris Battle

If you love Tetris game, you’ll definitely love Tetris Battle. Why? That’s because it’s way more challenging than regular Tetris game. You’ll be able to battle with others to show your Tetris-playing skill. Remember that you’ll need to defeat your friend as well as the clock. Yes, you’ve got to think quickly and correctly in order to beat this game. So, if you want an amusing and challenging experience on Facebook, try Tetris Battle. You’ll never regret it.

4. Marvel Avengers Alliance

Did you enjoy watching Marvel superhero movies or reading Marvel comics? If so, then this game is for you. This game will let you choose any of Marvel hero character and play it to defeat the enemies from the Marvel Universe. Don’t worry, you can recruit other players to become the member of your SHIELD team. So, if you are a hardcore Marvel fan that want to play a real good game on Facebook, Marvel Avengers Alliance is the best game for you. Play it.

5. Solitaire Blitz

You might be familiar about a classic game called Solitaire, but this game is a little bit different. In this game, you’ll play a classic Solitaire game with power ups. It makes the game feel so addictive and fun. Additionally, this game is developed by PopCap, which you probably already know about its reputation in turning a simple casual game into an addictive game. Well, if you want to experience Solitaire game differently, this is the game for you to play. It’s available on Facebook.

Now, are you ready to play? Just log in to your Facebook account and start playing. And quit reading those boring status updates.

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