The Expansion of X1 TV Box to Homes

The X1 TV Box cable platform is expanding. Primarily expanding to a small number of viewer’s homes, the latest cable television platform X1 is a cable box recently introduced in Utah, but already in 13 other markets.

The X1 incorporates an improved interface together with an on-screen TV guide and easier to navigate functions. The technology is certainly innovative, clever and futuristic as far as cable goes, especially when it comes to interactive TV.

What’s the Deal With the X1 TV Box?
Poles apart from other video services available, the X1 uses cloud servers and IP technology via the cable company’s network to produce a revolutionary entertainment operating system. X1 incorporates compilation of video with social networking capabilities, web content, interactive apps, and much more.

This new cable expansion proposes a completely fresh and customizable means for customers to interplay with their televisions. TheX1 TV Box changes video delivery from hardware empiricism to a software actuality, permitting inventive features and functionality to customers much quicker than before.

Launched in Utah, the X1 is now also in the Greater Baltimore areas as part of an ongoing and developing endeavor to benefit from the expertise of cloud and IP technology.  Granted you have chosen the right TV service to coincide with X1.

X1 TV Box Features
The X1 incorporates an on-screen guide that displays TV shows is simple to interpret and fills the whole screen much to the delight of customers. In addition, there are zero ad-banners that previously crowded the TV screen.

The X1 arrives with a 500-gigabyte hard drive, sufficient for days of recorded programming, with the capability of recording up to four programs simultaneously. Each TV in the home can record and playback shows from one central box.

Navigation is also made easier. Search with an exclusive system for finding movies; thereby, enhancing search activity. Remote number keys operate faster for more instinctive searches. The X1 includes an iPad/iPhone app – with Android on the way – that additionally permits users to do voice searches.

X1 Features in a Nutshell

– Modernized user interface with one-click capabilities and access to programs with a superior visual guide to data and entertainment selections.

– The ability to search at one time across live TV, On Demand, Xfinity, and DVR recordings, and view the last nine programs viewed across all platforms.

– The capability to view DVR recordings from numerous rooms inside the home concurrently, and record up to four shows while watching another show.

– An increasing choice of customized-for-TV apps, along with social networking, weather, Pandora, traffic, and sports apps to follow numerous games at one time.

– The capacity to open a web page directly on the X1 set-top box and watch it on the full-size screen.

– Similar to Smart TVs, the X1 Remote app permits consumers to use gestures, motions, and voice instructions to manipulate their TV with Apple-like handheld gadgets.

Any Drawbacks?
The “devil is always in the details,” and with the X1 it’s no different. There are a few snags that require fine-tuning. For example, the voice recognition is good at comprehending an individual’s voice; however, it is somewhat sluggish in translating it to text to launch the search. Moreover, it’s a bit “buggy”, right now and slow to record a TV show.

Nevertheless, we have to be fair. With the launch of any new-fangled technology, there will be growing pains. It’s to be expected. Just think what will happen once all the bugs have been spattered.

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