The Lowdown On The LG V20

You may not have heard about LG’s new Android, the V20. Whether it was purely out of bad luck or due to a failed marketing strategy, LG announced their latest launch just hours before Apple’s announcement for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Since then, it’s been buried yet again by the “Made by Google” event, wherein the tech giant announced its latest Androids, the Pixel and Pixel XL. For a phone that hasn’t even been released yet, the V20 hasn’t been able to catch a break. But that’s all about to change by the time people experience its cameras and advanced audio tech. With pre-orders starting on the 7th of October, it will be on shelves by the end of the month.

Just because the V20 hasn’t seen an official release yet doesn’t mean you have to wait to pre-order suitable protection. Though its specs may differ from most Androids on the market now, it’s still made from the same kind of materials. The plastics and aluminum involved in its construction are fragile. One wrong move and you can do serious damage to your LG. Daily wear and tear can leave behind scratches and scuffs, while slips and falls can take a serious bite out of its bezel or screen.

Vinyl protection in the form of skins or decals can help you avoid such a fate. Made by theengineers at dbrand, these accessories attach to the phone seamlessly for complete coverage. Though thin, they stop sharp objects from marking up its fragile backing, and their texturized surface keeps them in your hand. As an added bonus, when you go to to design your own style, you can have a completely unique skin wrapped around your V20.

While the skin shows off your personal brand of style, the V20 works hard to deliver on all of latest specs. Before Google’s event, it was the first smartphone announced to come outfitted with the newest Nougat operating system. Nougat along with its Qualcomm snapdragon processor chip makes it possible to multi-task between the V20’s enhanced video and audio apps.

The V20 is equipped with 3 mics and 4 digital-to-analogue converters that eliminate background noise, making it a top choice for audiophiles. Its Hi-FI Quad DAC Audio plays music at the highest quality with crystal clear playback, and it’s capable of 24-bit recording, which is 8-whole bits ahead of the typical smartphone. The V20 is also outfitted with a variety of personal settings allowing you to fine-tune your balance preferences down to the single decibel.

To complement its beefed-up sound recording, the V20 comes with wide-angle cameras in both the front and back, capable of capturing up to 135 degrees and enhanced with image stabilization technology. Video comes in strong with 4K with popular filters that will keep things light and fun, making it a simple and capable phone to have at your back when you want to capture the moment.

The V20 may have been announced at the wrong time, but time will tell whether or not it deserved the near obscurity it received afters LG’s announcement. If the above specs are anything to go by, it will certainly prove itself a powerful smartphone and simply a matter of bad timing on LG’s part. If you the enhanced audio and video functions are something that interests you, the V20 is definitely a droid to check out. Just don’t forget to get an LG skin to coincide with your pre-order.

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