Web Hosting Hub – Features of Web Hosting Hub

Are you willing to set up a web page or to start a real business by purchasing an entire dedicated server or shared hosting? If the answer is yes, Web Hosting Hub can help you with this process. For some reasons, the entire operation of purchasing a domain can be a bit tricky on some of the web hosting websites across the internet. However, it’s not the case here. With Hosting Hub everything is simple. You simply choose your plan and release the payment. In minutes you will have full access to your registered domain. One great advantage is that Web Hosting Hub works with popular platforms such as Drupal, WordPress and Joomla, so creating a website will come easy.

Even if you don’t have any experience in web design there’s nothing to worry about. There are about 500 different templates to choose from. With just a couple of clicks you are able to modify the shapes, the color and the design. You can create the website of your dreams without knowing any HTML or CSS from http://www.hostgatorcouponplanet.com . For the ones who want to design the webpage by coding in HTML, CSS or JQUERRY all you have to do is create the files on your own computer and then transfer them via FTP. What do you get by purchasing a domain from Web Hosting Hub? In one word the answer would be unlimited. Unlimited storage space, e-mail addresses, sub-domains, FTP accounts, bandwidth and MYSQL Databases. You’ll also be able to fully customize your e-mail address, to make it something like desiredName@domainName.com.

Web Hosting Hub guarantees that your e-mail inbox will remain clean due to a highly efficient Anti-Spam Bot. You can also set up an auto-responder that will respond your e-mails for you. Both e-mail and website will be compatible with every single smartphone on the market. Now it is time to talk about the tools that are at your disposal as a Web Hosting Hub client. You can add blogs, forums, photo galleries and even e-commerce sections to your website from hostgator promo code. Adding these features can be done with just a couple of clicks. One of the most important things is represented by the security side. It’s vital for you, as a client, to have your data in a safe place. At Web Hosting Hub the main concern is represented by security; all sorts of active and passive measures are designed to protect the entire server network from hackers, viruses and malicious software. The cheapest option starts from $5 per month, but all of the features mentioned above are included.

In addition, if you are based in the US, you have 24/7 support in case that something goes wrong. The company itself was founded in 2001 in Virginia Beach. The idea was to provide accessible web hosting solutions for everyone. Now, Web Hosting Hub has more than 150 employers that are working around the clock to deliver top quality services to customers in over 90 countries. It a remarkable progress that promises to continue for a long time.


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