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How to install Profile Picture DP Status for WhatsApp APK at

Profile Picture DP Status for WhatsApp Display Pictures are categorized into several categories.

Cute Display Pictures

Love and Couple Display Pictures

Motivational Display Pictures

Quotes Display Pictures
This app gives best funny, attitude and cool profile pics for whatsapp.

Sad Display Pictures

Sayings Display Pictures

Romantic Display Pictures

Friends Display Pictures

Family Love Display Pictures

How to download Football Barcelona Launcher APK at

Football Barcelona is a launcher theme which has beautiful barcelona club wallpapers, barcelona club lock screen themes and a barcelona club app icon packs. This beautiful theme is specially designed for people who loves barcelona club. Download and apply barcelona club for free to give your Android phone some style. Theme is designed to let you enjoy a faster and smoother mobile operating experience.

Main Features of Football Barcelona:

3D Themes
We provide various kinds of 3D themes, our main themes include 3D technology, 3D koi live, 3D mechanic and the 3D atom theme. We also have a variety of festivals related 3D themes with dynamic and sound effects, such as our Christmas and Halloween theme. Furthermore the Football Barcelona theme also includes 3D weather and 3D clock functions.

Live Wallpapers
There are plenty of 3D live wallpapers, including the gold rose live wallpaper, 3D live waterfall wallpaper, Dandelion live wallpaper and many more. You can also design and customize live wallpapers by yourself, and you can even sell them online to other users to earn some extra cash! Our live wallpapers have many gestures and particles to make your phone look cool.

Other Features of Football Barcelona:
App lock protects your apps' privacy
Screen lock (locker) protects your phone from intruders
Stunning 3D transition effects with Football Barcelona live wallpaper
Smart locker and Charge Master to optimize your phone's performance
Use Football Barcelona DIY function to create and customize your favorite themes
Beautiful weather backgrounds
Football Barcelona app icon packs to give your phone a complete makeover
Compatible with all Android phone including Sony, HTC etc.

How to apply the Football Barcelona?
To apply the theme, please install our launcher first. Apply the Football Barcelona theme, to make your phone faster, orderly and cool. The original app icons, clock and weather theme of your phone will be replaced by the Football Barcelona theme. We have designed many customized themes for popular apps, these include camera apps, social apps, entertainment apps, useful tools and messenger apps. Our app also provides you thousands of themes from other categories, namely cartoon and anime themes, graffiti themes, gold themes, pink themes, black themes, love themes and many more. All of our beautiful themes are free and available at Google Play Store. Download and apply Football Barcelona now! There are more sports (football, basketball), games and other beautiful themes waiting for you!

How to install Paradise Live Wallpapers APK at

This is the exclusive chance for you to escape the real life and dive into the unknown world. There you will forget about all your problems and worries and live happily. Grab this unique offer and get this new app free of charge today. Keep in mind that you are only one click away from the relaxing backgrounds that will be yours when you download the top Paradise Live Wallpapers. Embellish the screen of your phone with the best photos. Imagine that you are lying in the hammock tied up to the leaned palm tree. Watch the azure blue sea and how it spreads as far as the eye can see. There is no limit between it and the broad sky. Notice the huts with roofs made of hay. They are built in the shallow water. Maybe in one of them you will find the peace you are searching for. Decorate your device with this popular picture and you will be thrilled with it every time you unlock it. Sit on the top of the cliff and observe the small pond at the bottom. The amazing waterfall is just across of you. The colors of the magnificent rainbow and the green landscape are so soothing that you lose sense of the reality. With the latest Paradise Live Wallpapers you can show-off with the exclusive photos and all of your friends will envy you.
Select from several different themes and enjoy the favorite one every time you unlock your device. The sky is growing dark in the distance like the pool in front of you. It was near dusk which is the most magical period of the day. Everything looks fabulous now especially the palm trees lined at the edge of the body of water. Use the best Paradise Live Wallpapers to travel to extraordinary places. Add cool moving objects like fireworks and leaves and they will make the screen of your phone more spectacular. You are walking down the road that is in the middle of the broad field. There is only one tree there and the color of its leaves matches the one of the flowers. They cover the ground like some sort of magical blanket. The vivid hot pink inspires you to enter the world of dreams. Browse the pictures and find the one that attracts your attention the most and beautify your tablet with it.
Give your phone a brand new look with the top Paradise Live Wallpapers. Imagine that you are climbing with your beloved one up the small hill. The palm trees on its top are illuminated with the early morning sun rays. The birds that fly above you and sing make the most romantic atmosphere just for the two of you. Then you spot the amazing red flower bed near the path and you decide to make a wonderful bouquet. Find cool moving objects like balloons, water drops as well as bubbles that can move on your screen all the time and make it even more special. Select the picture you like and tap once to preview the photo and hold to set it as the background. Stroll down the pier and observe the stunning fireworks. This is the most relaxing scenery ever. Download free the latest Paradise Live Wallpapers application and get ready to travel to the world of your fantasy.
How to use the app:
o Go to settings and enable slide show option
o Browse the photos and select the one you like the most
o Just hold to set it as the background
o Choose your favorite moving object and adjust its speed and number
o Enjoy the amazing live wallpapers and show them to everyone

How to install New COC Base Map 2017 APK at

This app is Offline and it will help you to build your Clash Of Clan bases .
This app has strong war base for war defense, Defensive trophy base ,Strong hybrid and farming for COC base map .

It contains new coc Maps layout from Town Hall 1 to town hall 11 with four category War, Trophy , Hybrid and Farming.
New coc bases have air sweeper base and air defence Base maps.
coc bomb tower base
it contains latest base 2016 and 2017 for best coc base design

Features :
* Strong War layout of coc new base or clash of clans new base
* Defensive Trophy base layout
* Strong Hybrid layout of new clash of clans base or new coc base
* Strong Farming base Maps
* Can zoom in / out each clash of clans base layout
* Easy to use.
* Unique User Interface
* Best layouts for all town hall levels of new clash of clan base or coc base th1, th2, th3, th4, th5,
th6, th7, th8, th9, th10 and th11

How to download Kata Kata Cinta APK at

cinta iya Cinta Cinta itu indah gaes... cie.... apalagi ditambah dengan aplikasi ini percintaan anda akan semakin membara dan membuat di di klepek klepek

kami menyediakan berbagai macam solusi persoalan cinta untuk merayu pasangan Anda, seorang yang anda dekati atau sedang PDKT
dan anda yang gagal move on

kami sediakan lebih dari satu juta kata-kata cinta yang unik diantarnya
kata mutiara cinta
Rayuan Gombal
kata galau move on
pantun cinta romantis
tips cinta
dan yang ingin menghitung faktor kecocokan anda dan pasangan anda dalam percintaan kami sediakan kalkulator cinta semoga cinta cinta anda semakin bersemi dan bahagia

How to install Merpati Undangan Pernikahan APK at

"Undangan Pernikahan" sebuah aplikasi mobile untuk membuat undangan pernikahan digital.
Mengundang kerabat, relasi, sahabat ke pernikahan kita melalui social media menjadi trend saat ini.
Dengan Aplikasi ini calon mempelai dapat membuat undangan pernikah digital yang menarik.

Merpati Kartu Undangan dan Anniversary

Aplikasi buatan Indonesia yang memungkinkan pengguna untuk membuat desain undangan untuk pernikahan atau anniversary secara instan dan cepat dengan fitur sebagai berikut:
- Berbagai macam template undangan yang menarik
- Penulisan teks dan deskripsi yang bebas dan tidak kaku. Anda bisa menulis nama, alamat, lokasi, pesan atau apapun yang anda mau
- Share Invitation. "Merpati Kartu Undangan" dapat dikirim atau dibagikan melalui social media (Facebook & Path), Aplikasi messanger seperti Whatsap,SMS dan melalui Email.

How to install Wallpaper WA Keren APK at

Aplikasi wallpaper wa keren yang bisa anda gunakan untuk mengubah wallpaper whatsapp dengan gambar keren, lucu dan romantis. Di dalam aplikasi ini tersedia ratusan wallpaper wa keren terbaik.

Dengan adanya aplikasi Wallpaper WA Keren ini semoga dapat membantu bagi anda semua. Terimakasih ya :)

How to install Kamus Sasak Lombok APK at

Layanan terjemahan online Bahasa Indonesia ke Bahasa Sasak, suku asli pulau Lombok.

- Terjemahan dari Indonesia - Sasak dan sebaliknya
- Pencarian kata (Kamus)
- Tombol salin hasil terjemahan

* Aplikasi ini membutuhkan koneksi internet.
* Belum semua kata-kata masuk ke dalam database aplikasi ini.
* Jika anda seorang ahli bahasa dan ingin berkontribusi, silahkan hubungi kami ([email protected])
* Hasil terjemahan baru mendukung kata yang memiliki awalan ber- yang merupakan hasil dari terjemahan algoritma, ada kemungkinan hasilnya tidak benar sepenuhnya.
* InsyaaaAllah akan selalu diupdate dan diperbaiki.

Terimakasih. Semoga membantu.


How to install Tungsu | Ramalan China Kuno APK at

Tungsu Ramalan Cina Kuno. Menggunakan Empat Pilar yaitu jam, tanggal, bulan dan tahun kelahiran. tungsu adalah ramalan berdasarkan astrologi Cina. Shio ini terdiri dari 12 simbol hewan yang penanggalan cina yang diberikan untuk setiap tahunnya dan juga bulan, hari serta jam. 12 simbol hewan tersebut terdiri dari hewan Tikus, Kerbau, Macan, Kelinci, Naga, Ular, Kuda, Kambing, Monyet, Ayam, Anjing dan Babi. . Hewan itu disusun berdasarkan urutan yang sama seperti diatas untuk digunakan sebagai nama tahun.Sebagai contohnya, Jika Tahun 1998 adalah Tahun Naga, maka Tahun 1989 akan menjadi Tahun Ular. Untuk tahun berikutnya, hewan selanjutnya akan ditugaskan sebagai Tahun Hewan dan ketika mencapai Babi, maka Tikus akan ditugaskan untuk tahun selanjtunya. Namun masih ada elemen yang terkait, yang diambil dari empat elemen dasar – Kayu, Api, Air, dan Logam. Ramalan ini meliputi :
- Ramalan tanggal lahir
- Ramalan bulan lahir
- Ramalan Shio
- Ramalan 5 Unsur
- Ramalan berat tulang
- Ramalan Kaisar Kuningmari kita lihat peruntungan di tahun ini..