6 SEO Methods and Techniques You Should Familiarize Yourself With


Search Engine Optimization techniques, otherwise known as SEO-techniques, is your primary means of getting more website traffic with the assistance of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, and what-have-you. The more search signals your website has in terms of SEO, the easier and likelier it is for users to come across is when searching for certain items, products, or topics directly related to your site. You can improve your Search Engine Optimization through various means, which includes setting up your own blog full of industry-related articles to making sure that your website is always considered relevant to competitive search terms (also known as keywords).

  • Whether you have a corporate or ecommerce website as well as a landing page for a special product you want to sell via affiliate marketing or whatnot, utilizing goodSearch Engine Optimization tactics will assist you in making sure that Google pays attention to your site in more ways than one. Using the correct search signals will serve as flags for the Google bots to index your site in the most competitive and relevant sites possible. It can also help you rank better on the SERP or search engine results page.
  • Google automatically indexes and archives websites in its extensive databases through the use of special algorithms that it updates regularly, which are Google Panda and Penguin respectively. Panda covers Google’s renowned search engine algorithm that has evolved through the years to get rid of irrelevant sites pumped full of keywords but bears little to no connection to the keywords they’re spamming. Meanwhile, Penguin serves as Google’s means of flagging websites as spam so that their users won’t end up going to them.
  • Gaining Search Engine Optimization superiority is important for any and all businesses out there simply because it’s a relatively free method of targeting potential customers or clients in order to visit your website. Meanwhile, your webpage itself will serve as a means to convert all that search engine traffic into sales and actual paying customers, but the main concern of SEO-tactics is to ensnare the “fish” that surf the electronic waters of the Worldwide Web.
  • Search Engine Optimization can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It could simply involve making a blog full of articles like this so that you could increase your site’s relevancy to major keywords and key phrases related to your industry. It also entails getting links and promotions from major Internet hubs like social networks (Facebook or Twitter) and forums as well as news sites and web link aggregators (like Reddit and Digg).
  • Search Engine Optimization could also involve creating a consumer base that could serve as your top promoters. In other words, it could either entail astroturfing or outright genuine viral marketing that can actually induce your very target audience to praise and recommend your products to their friends, family, and all their loved ones. The Information Superhighway is, after all, the ultimate manifestation of electronic word-of-mouth, such that any positive (or negative) buzz can spread like wildfire in cyberspace. There’s nothing as satisfying as having your own consumers act as your campaigners as well.
  • Speaking of negative publicity, it’s not always the case that all publicity is good publicity. There are times when negative word of mouth can destroy your company’s hard-earned reputation, even though they’re composed of lies, rumors, and malicious slander from your enemies or disgruntled customers with nothing better to do. Search Engine Optimization can also entail hiring online reputation managers to clean out those nasty comments and remarks against your site so that you’d come out clean and rumor-free on the SERPs of sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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