A guide to help you through the research process to select the relevant keyword for SEO purposes

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It goes without saying that keywords form a very important part of any SEO strategy. However, your sole intention to rank better in search engine results should not drive you to make SEO errors that you may regret. If you wish to rank as one of the best SEO companies in India and the world, you need to follow certain ethical principles while still trying to earn reasonable profits. Given below is detailed tutorial on how to conduct your research to select your keywords carefully. This tutorial will guide you in making the right choices to help you rank better in the results page of search engines like Google.

Step 1: Brainstorm about possible keyword phrases.

The first thing you need to do is step into your potential customers’ shoes and think like them. This will give you a rough idea as to what your customers may look for when searching the internet. You must make a list of all the possible keywords and phrases that pop into your mind. However, they must be relevant to the product or service that you are offering. Being technical is important. All the same, sometimes, exclusion of non-experts may also work well for you. Before you take any step, you must thoroughly research your potential market. Surveys and questionnaires encouraging people to divulge details about the kind of words they would type into Google for searching your products will give you a fair idea of the kind of keywords you must make use of.

Step 2: Study the keywords used by competitors.

Once you have all the details on keywords that your potential customers may use, you must move on to your competitors. To learn about the keywords used by your competitors is far easier than you might think.

1.)   Log on to the competitor’s website.

2.)   Right click anywhere on the screen and select the option ‘View Page Source.’

3.)   The source code page will be displayed.

Once the page is displayed, skim through the coding to find the keywords. At the top of the HTML coding, there will be a Meta Keyword section that you need to read carefully as it is this section that will contain the list of keywords. Copy these keywords and paste them in a document and repeat with the same procedure with all your competitors’ websites, suggests one of the best SEO companies in India.

Step 3: Rely on Google AdWords to research the potential of the keywords.

The best part about using this feature powered by Google is the fact that it is absolutely free of cost. You can conduct research on the potential of your chosen keywords by following the steps below:

1.)   Create a free Google Account and log in to the Google AdWords section. If you are unable to find it, simply type Google keyword search tool in the search box and you will find the page in the results.

2.)   In the search box of the AdWords page, type in a random keyword or phrase from the list that you may have created.

3.)   Google AdWords will display the number of times the entered keyword was searched in Google.

4.)   At the same time, it will also make useful suggestions that it believes will be a good choice for you as a keyword. Alongside the phrase, it will also include the statistics concerning the keyword.

This is how you can gain immense knowledge about a keyword by simply conducting some simple research. Therefore, before you begin the process of incorporating SEO into your website, you need to thoroughly do your research.

Author’s Bio:

Claire Hopkins is an SEO specialist and has worked with one of the best SEO companies in India. She has a professional background in marketing and was working with a marketing firm before switching career paths. She is also a freelance writer and takes up assignments occasionally.