E-commerce plugins without which your online shopping site is incomplete

Are you someone who is looking forward to building an online store where you will sell different kinds of products and services? If answered yes, you must be aware of the fact that there are many plugins which are necessary to install in your website. The key is to choosing the right e-commerce plugin which is crucial for the business because a better platform translates to more opportunity for growth.

While there is plethora of e-commerce plugins in the market, not all have all the required features which you would need to start your website. Some plugins are good for selling eBooks and others can work better for physical goods. No matter you choose Shopify templates for your site, here are few plugins that you should also take into account.

#1: Better Coupon Box

This is usually listed as the No. 1 Shopify app as long as the marketing categories are concerned. With more than 2500 positive reviews, Better Coupon Box is presently being used by more than 70,000 Shopify stores. The main idea behind this app is pretty simple as it offers the visitors of the site a discount coupon in case they follow any of the social media accounts or if they subscribe to the newsletters. The online stores which install this app usually find a growth in email list to sell better along with email marketing.

#2: Yotpo

As per a survey conducted by a company called Dimensional Research, it was revealed that more than 94% of the participants are usually highly influenced by online reviews before they take any kind of purchasing decision. The hot sellers of Amazon have thousands of review from the purchases and this is proof of the fact that online sales are highly driven by social media. Yotpo app is the most appropriate tool in Shopify to assist online stores generates good reviews for products.

#3: Infinite Options

Are you irritated by the restrained number of 4 customizations on every page of your product? If answered yes, this app is going to help you out for sure. This app offers more choices of products to the users and also boosts the chance of completing a sale successfully. You can add numerous personalizations for any product, thereby creating unlimited product options for the customers to select from.

#4: Countdown Cart

Whenever customers realize that some product is running out, they tend to buy it more. Everything is about the inner psychology of the human mind. If you don’t have any idea about how you could achieve that, Countdown Cart is probably the best tool for you. You can soon add a stock countdown, a timer and a social media widget to each product page after it is installed. This app boosts your conversion rates remarkably.

So, if you’re all set with your e-commerce website plan, make sure you consider the above mentioned plugins so that you can use them for your website’s benefit. If you’re taking resort to Shopify which is the best e-commerce platform, make sure you use the best templates and themes in your e-commerce website which has the power to attract more customers.

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