Features of Opera Mini for PC

Opera mini is a very popular and most used web browsers by the mobile phone users these days. It has a lot of advantages which has made it convenient for the mobile users to access any website on their phones. Opera mini has launched an addition for PC as well which is equally popular. The list of the features of the opera Mini for PC can be endless but a few of them are mentioned below.

High Speed Internet

A lot of users have noticed that the speed of the internet seems to increase when they open the website through Operaminiforpc.com. Despite having slow connection, the speed with which the web pages open is fast. The browser takes no time to open the web page and give you the desired results.


Opera mini is a very user friendly web browser from the point of view of security of the user. It detects all the possible threats and stops them from affecting your computer and keeping your personal files at stake. It blocks all the unwanted popups and ensures that you do not face any problem which browsing the internet. The auto fix of the browser is also excellent and the users find it really safe to use Opera mini for PC.


The Opera Mini for PC users can also customize the browser and make it look the way they want it. The theme and the background colors of the browser can be changed according to the choice of the user. You can also change the font size and the image quality of the web pages you browse so that it makes it convenient for you to surf the internet. The users get an option of adding or removing the visual effects as well along with the changing skin option. You also have a choice of loading the images and if you do not want to load any images on the web pages you visit, you can do that too.


Opera Mini for PC has left no chance to make it more convenient for the people to use it. The accessibility of the browser can be customized where you can add bookmarks on the front page of the browser making it easier for you to get on the web pages you usually visit. The web history of the browser is also accessible which makes it one of the most user friendly web browsers. The address bar where you type in the web address also has an option of auto completion and you can even type in your keyword to look up for it on the search engines. There is another option where you can choose the search engine on which you want to make the search. The online calling feature which has been added recently is also getting very popular. You can make calls from your PC to the mobile phone with the help of the browser. This feature is easy to use and has made Opera Mini for PC popular than ever.

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