How Product Data Management (PDM) Will Improve Your Efficiency

The product sold by a company is the center of its activities. Every team member works either to develop the best product possible or to commercialize it in the most efficient way. Developing a product from the idea to the design to the manufacturing can be complicated and discouraging. That’s why an automatized system that combines every aspect of product development is essential for every business. These programs know what you need right now and what you will need in the future. Product Data Management (PDM) is an aspect you may not have thought about even if it’s crucial for your company’s activities. Solidworks PDM helps you to keep track of design data and facilitate the development of your product and here’s how.

Improve Efficiency

As it’s complete and easy to use, such a program will improve the efficiency of your business. As I mentioned, every employee will be able to quickly know and verify the information they need. They won’t have to turn to a developer or someone directly related to the development process to access the information they need. It will also help the efficiency of the employees in charge of development because then again, the information is accessible and easy to use. Such a system also reduces the chance of making mistakes and not having to cope for a mistake is clearly a huge advantage.


One of the biggest issues of data gathering is safety. You don’t want anyone to access your company’s information especially the ones related to the product development. These information are confidential and they have to stay that way if you don’t want to see another company with a product copied on yours. If you only use one reliable program for design, manufacturing and data management, you won’t have any leak.

Easy to Use for Every Member of Your Team

Solidworks’ interface is intuitive, practical and easy to use. There’s no need for an exhausting training for every employee. Only a quick “guided visit” of the system is sufficient to understand how it works. Every member of your team will be able to look through the design data you’ll stock in this system. It allows them to quickly find the information they need for their field of expertise. It also helps if you want to improve your product or develop another one because it allows you to rely on your previous work to develop the new product.

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