Instagram for Blackberry

For all these years, the blackberry users were at loss became they could not use Instagram on their phones because it was not compatible with it. The android and iOS users could avail the advantage of the application and click pictures easily from it. Instagram is an application which is used by the people to click pictures and edit it by using the amazing photo effects it has. The photo effects cannot be seen anywhere else and they are very different from other editing applications. The Blackberry users have no option but to use the following measures to use blackberry on their phones.

Third Party Applications

The blackberry users can however use third party applications like Crackberry or Blackgram to avail the main feature of Instagram, which is editing the pictures with the photo effects they provide. Both these applications have the same features like Instagram. You can click pictures through it and edit it using the editing effects they have. The pictures clicked from the camera of the phone can also be imported in Instagram and then edited there. The sharing of the edited pictures is also possible in these third party applications. You can also follow/un-follow, like or comment on the pictures of the people just like any other social networking website andĀ  avail all these features just as if they are using

Cheat Codes

There are several cheat codes which can be used in order to get that application working on your blackberry. All you have to do is, crack some codes so that Instagram for Blackberry works on it. Cracking blackberry is a very easy task but you must not do it if you are complete nomad when it comes to cheat codes and things like that. Any wrong move can spoil your phone and might create problems. You can ask someone to break the codes, who has done the same for their phones as well.


If none of the above options work, then all you can do is compromise with the fact that your phone will not support Instagram. Since Blackberry is a business phone, social networking applications like Instagram will take away the purpose of it. The best thing about Blackberry is the quickness with which you can handle your mails and reply to them. The official purpose of the blackberry user is solved with the help of the phone and adding on Instagram to it will make it unprofessional.

The blackberry users should not be upset because of the fact that Instagram for blackberry is still not available. There have been several rumors which say that the software will be launched soon for blackberry, making it a bit relaxing for the users and availing the application which can add life to their pictures.

Author Bio: The author has the complete knowledge about Instagram for Blackberry and how the application is not available for it. The in depth knowledge about the application and its usage has let the author write so confidently about the same.

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