Modern Tech and Tech History

When it comes to technology, it can often be hard to imagine our lives without the added convenience that tech brings. After all, tech has utterly transformed our lives, and that is apparent every single day for many of us. Life today is a far cry from what it was merely 50 years ago, let alone 100 years or more. In less than 80 years, we went from the invention of the automobile to landing on the moon, which is a clear indicator of the overwhelming transformation the world has undergone since the start of the industrial revolution. And, tech is still advancing, and at an impressive pace. Keep in mind that 3D printers now exist and are becoming somewhat common. That’s kind of insane, if you think about it. That’s sci-fi tech, and it’s real now! However, let us not forget how more down to earth tech continues to improve our lives.

For starters, let’s talk about the great outdoors. Technology has sought, since the beginning of time, and I’m talking learning how to start a fire here, to improve our ability to survive in the wild. Nowadays, this isn’t a concern for most of us, though some of us prefer that lifestyle, certainly. However, even recreational survivalism in the form of camping benefits from the advancements tech has made. Things like GPS, flashlights, etc. have made navigation and survival substantially easier in modern times than our ancestors, even recent ones, were accustomed to. Then, there’s the matter of transportation. Cars are, obviously, an essential part of modern living, but there was a time, of course, when they didn’t exist, and we used horses, wild animals, as transportation. Then, of course, there are luxury vehicles. For example, take a look at this video of snowmobiles in action. At one point, there were dog sleds to help us get around in harsh winter climates, and then there’s the snowmobile. What was once just the natural evolution of the dog sled is now also one of many vehicles that doubles as sporting equipment. Seeing the impressive maneuvers on display in this video, it’s hard to deny the power of technology to not only help us solve problems of survival but also to provide us with solutions to problems we didn’t know we had. Indeed, things like sports, the arts, etc. may be luxuries, but they can be deemed to be fundamental parts of the human experience, and tech has allowed us the safety to focus on these luxurious pastimes, as well as helping us advance them. Technology is truly a lifesaver, but it also improves the quality of life, and while there are definitely some cons of technological advancement, it has been, on the whole, a huge boon to mankind. It’s important to keep this mind when you start to notice that you’re taking things for granted. Hedonic treadmill aside, we should be amazed constantly at this technological marvel of a world that we live in.