PC vs. MAC

What to look for

So you are trying to make the choice between a PC and a MAC? It’s not as easy as you might think. Most of us, when making a big purchase like this, will head straight for the internet to see what the World Wide Web thinks before making our decision. But it seems that the great debate between PC and MAC splits most reviewers straight down the middle. So what are you to do? The simplest way is to first think about what you want your new computer to do and then focus on these four aspects; software, hardware, usability and price.



PC invariably uses Windows to run on and this can be a bonus if you are thinking of creating your own website. Microsoft offers a number of website building packages to help you design an individual site that does everything that you want it to. You can also find lots of useful guides online, such as the ones on WebHostingBlueBook.com to help you through the process.


MAC is the popular choice for pro designers and creative types you want to express their art through the internet. Its design tools are geared towards those who know their way around HTML coding so the finished product is perfectly tailored to your specific needs.



Because PCs are made by different manufacturers, there is a wealth of choice for you to look through before making your decision. Each piece of hardware has been designed for a specific purpose and so you can often find one tailored to your particular needs.


With MAC computers, there is only one manufacturer which can be a great benefit when you need some help. There is one point of call to make if you need tech or software support and because they are all made under one roof, so to speak, chances are whoever you speak to will know what they are talking about.


Use friendly

Microsoft and, by extension, its operating system Windows, are designed to be user-friendly from the moment you boot up your computer. You don’t need a degree in computer science to set up your home computer for the first time and for many people, this is a big bonus.


MACs are built to catch the eye and they have a professional, yet exciting look about them. Most models, especially some of the later ones, house everything within one item which means no trailing cables or the need for several plug sockets.



Because of the different manufacturers involved in building PCs, you can find them under a variety of price tags. The most basic computers that are aimed at light use come with a very affordable price tag, but if you decide you want something flashier and more powerful, the more expensive option is there for you as well.


Because of the range of functions that even the most basic MACs provide, this does mean that the lowest prices can still seem steep when compared to PCs. If you are looking for basic functions such as word processing or accessing emails, then maybe a MAC isn’t for you. But, if you want a computer that can show you the basics and much more all in one go, then you’d be hard-pressed to find a better choice than a MAC.

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